“Between a high, solid wall and an egg that breaks against it, I will always stand on the side of the egg.” - Haruki Murakami

Hey there! I’m Rob Barry. I’ve spent my days—and let’s be honest, many late nights—obsessing over complex data sets and turning them into investigative stories at The Wall Street Journal. I love investigative reporting, programming and getting to the bottom of mysteries.

Outside of helping lead a brilliant team of reporters who specialize in computer programming and data analysis, you might catch me reverse-engineering algorithms or deep-diving into offshore money networks. I’ve been honored with awards that recognize the impact of my work, but what drives me is a good team and an important mission.

Before my days at WSJ, I spent some great years at The Miami Herald, where my adventures ranged from covering life in North Miami Beach to hand-crafting a quirky social media site for Pedro Pans. I’m driven by curiosity, a passion for teamwork, and, sometimes, the simple thrill of the chase.

Want to check out what I’ve been up to? You’ll find some of the work I’m most proud of on this site. And if you ever want to chat or share a tip, don’t hesitate to reach out.